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Dundream Story

This is the truly engaging story of the beautiful, new Dundream house from a “gem” of an idea to a relaxing, holistic, luxury, eco holiday-let retreat for people to get away and unwind and soak up the lovely environment…..

The Dundream story starts when Elaine was a girl, growing up at High Ardwell, the pink farmhouse adjacent to Dundream. Elaine used to walk across the field to the top of the hill to what was locally known as “Honeymoon Cottage” after a couple spent their honeymoon there in the 1950s.

#Dundream Honeymoon Cottage

#Dundream Honeymoon Cottage

From the top of this hill she marvelled at the 360 degrees panoramic views out to the Mull of Kintyre, Northern Ireland peninsula, Arran, Ailsa Craig, Ayrshire Coast, Glenapp hills and south to Loch Ryan and beyond. Elaine was aware of the orientation of the rising and setting sun, the moon and the stars and worked closely with her architect to incorporate this in to her dream house. The new house “Dundream” is named after an iron fort featured in the 1849 map. The Luxury Editor also covers this story on

Dundream is a unique close-to-nature experience that the owner Elaine wishes to live in your happy memory…….

About Dundream

Also of prime importance in the early planning of the house design was to aim to be the best in its’ class, an award of Visit Scotland 5 star, Green Tourism Gold  with full Category 1 unassisted wheelchair accessibility on ground floor and part of the exterior and gardens. Earlier this year Elaine happily spent a month planting 700 trees in the sun, wind and rain including a natural hedge in the immediate area surrounding Dundream. A Japanese garden was created with a natural landscape to the west of the house with a boundary of a natural stone hand-created wall adjacent to the road. The outside of Dundream is a mellow heather colour blending in against the blooming purple heather clad Glenapp Hills across Loch Ryan.

The Dundream philosophy is all about creating balance and harmony in the environment to promote well-being and relaxation. Also key in the design was the integration of the interior with the exterior.

This quote is in harmony with the Dundream philosophy:

We make a vessel from a lump of clay; It is the empty space within the vessel that makes it useful. We make doors and windows for a room;  It is these empty spaces that make the room liveable. Thus, while the tangible has advantages, It is the intangible that makes it useful. Lao Tzu


All in all you will find Dundream spectacular and a delightful and a restful place.